Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vancover Trip 2008

Fonzie's Dad's house burning

A few months ago Fonzie's (the cat) house, and then Chad' house, the trailer across the street, had fallen to less respectable hands who owned a ferocious dog that barked all night and very good loudspeakers that were on late at night. They did not believe in garbage pick up or maybe it was the Bay-Arenac drug squad that left a big mess all over the lawn. They could not pay their property taxes, as they had better uses for their money, so the property went back into the hands of Scott Moss, the farmer next door. The trailer was in such bad shape that he decided to burn it and just sell the property sans trailer. He contacted the Deerfield/Fremont fire departments to burn it as a practice session.We decided to buy the property so we wouldn't have to look at another trailer with questionable inhabitant.

Here you see the beginning of the fire: some gas was poured on the floor and a small fire was started in the front door.Things began to heat up right away.
You might recognize Ike Fourqer (bald guy), a member of the Fremont fire dept.
The fire really took off. The stream of water was being directed at the birch tree in order to save it. We are not sure that the attempt was successful. We will see if the birch tree refoliates next spring.
The whole trailer was now fully engulfed in flames

Half an hour later

A few days and a few loads of trash to the dumpster later... We are now the new ownwer's of this prized piece of the property and dad is attempting to rebuild the wall that attached the garage out-building to the trailer. This is dad's new favorite obsession.

Markus checking out our first real estate venture.

And here is the paradise across the street.